Monday, December 1, 2014

Current EmmaKisstina Products Sneak Peek Video

Hello Monday!

I was in such a great mood on Saturday morning (must have had something to do with it being *cough actually sunny!) So I put on my Saturday face, even added some false lashes and got to filming. I've blabbed on about how excited I am for my new products constantly on the blog here, but it should be more interesting and fun to hear in video format. Or at least I hope so! At least now I have something physical to show you. Can't wait for the next Current EmmaKisstina Products video when I can actually show you the final products. Exciting stuff!


p.s. I've got a great Cyber Monday sale going on in my EmmaKisstina Etsy shop. Use the code above to get 25% off your entire order. 

Friday, November 28, 2014

EmmaKisstina Gift Guide

Hello Friday!

It's time for me to toot my own horn a little bit and blab about all of the lovely products I have available that would be perfect to give away as gifts to your loved ones this Christmas. I really hope that this year when holiday shopping you choose to shop both locally and suport small businesses or both why not. This of course doesn't have to be me, but that would of course be really nice :)

Also since it's #blackfriday time I also have a few deals to offer you when shopping in my shop. 

• You can take 15% off your entire order in my EmmaKisstina Etsy shop through Monday Dec.1st with code: BIGTHANKS15
• or use code: THANKS2014 for free shipping worldwide through Jan. 1st.
• And if you can wait until Monday, I'll have code: XTRABIGTHANKS25 vaild only on Cyber Monday Dec. 1st for 25% off your entire purchase in my EmmaKisstina Etsy shop.

Oh! and I also have a collection of 9 super girly and pretty phone cases with Casetify! woo hoo. They are available in my EmmaKisstina Casetify shop here... and I also have an offer for them as well.

• Use code: ARTIST2014 for $7 off and free worldwide shipping through the holidays.

Okay I think that's enough. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rome Weekend

Hello Wednesday!

This past weekend the boyfriend and I took a quick trip to Rome. The amazing thing about living in Europe is that you can take a weekend trip pretty much anywhere in Europe (our flight was only around 3 hours). We left on Friday and came home on Monday so we had plenty of time to get a feel for the Italian capital. Both of us had never been to Rome and I'd never been anywhere in Italy so it was extra exciting. We enjoyed lots of yummy Italian food, stunning weather, lots of long walks, and an overall nice time.

 Rome is kind of rough around the edges with lots of graffiti and may not be the cleanest, but I don't think this takes too much away from the charm of this ancient city. It is a little chaotic too, definitely in comparison to Stockholm which is rather orderly. We had a lot of trouble figuring out the bus/tram/train system as very little information is given. You have to count the stops or just know where you're going by sight because they don't annouce the stops. Very annoying! Caused lots of extra walking when we missed stops or got off too early. p.s. This was the only negative we could find durring our stay, so not too bad.)

 We spent the majority of our time exploring the city's many historical sites and buildings, which I think you should always do when visiting a city for the first time. There is definitely so much to see and we of course only scratched the surface but we did visit the Vatican including the Sistine Chapel, Vatican museum, and the St. Peter's Cathedral, The Spanish Steps, The Trevi Fountain (which was under construction), the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum.

 Isn't my boyfriend so dreamy? hehe. We are actually celebrating our 6th anniversary of being together today! 6 amazing years! He makes me so happy.

Overall I really liked Rome even though it's completely different from Stockholm and I'm so glad that we had a great time. This small taste of Italy really made me crave more, and I can't wait to visit even more cities throughout the country. Have you been to Rome? What did you think?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

EmmaKisstina Turns 7!

 Hello Wednesday!

Today isn't any regular day because today is EmmaKisstina's 7th birthday! I can't believe that 7 years ago today I opened up my EmmaKisstina Etsy store which in turn changed my life forever. (That sounds dramatic but it's true.) These past 7 years have definitely been the best 7 of my life (well at least so far!) I'm so proud of how far I have come personally as well as how far my company has come and all of the amazing support I've gotten from customers all over the globe. In the next coming 7 years (and more) I hope to continue to grow this company and create even more gorgeous items that you'll adore. I already can't wait to show you what's in store for next year!

As a huge thank you I'm offering 25% off your entire order in my EmmaKisstina Etsy shop all day today with 

To celebrate I bought myself the prettiest of cakes, a Swedish Princess Cake, and enjoyed it with lots of sparkle and great friends this weekend. I think it's important to celebrate the small accomplishments in life... and definitely thought it was fun to get all dolled up and have an excuse to buy a cake!

Cheers to EmmaKisstina's first 7 years, and another cheers to 7 + plus amazing years to come!