Friday, January 23, 2015

Rearranging my Office/Studio Space

Hello Friday!

I've been itching for a change in my home office/studio for awhile now. We've lived in our apartment for nearly 2 years and my room has stayed pretty much the same since we moved in. Change is so much fun plus a quick easy way to increase my motivation and inspiration, even if it's just subtle. So after Formex was finished I had the good problem of having more products to store. I decided to bring in the white metal shelving unit that I had at the fair and moved my desks and other cabinets around to make room. Strangely even though I have more furniture in my small space it feels more spacious, put together and even more functional. Go figure! 

 It's been a while since I switched out the images and clippings from my inspiration board. I really should do that since it's nice to get new ideas in my head... but this is what it looks like for now. p.s. I adore fairy lights!

In my new white shelf I have now organised all of my new products, shipping supplies, and of course my tutu. A gorgeous reminder of my ballet days. Since the shelf is so big I have plenty of room for everything and more. For the moment I'm really loving looking at my new pillow collection. Am I allowed to say that I think they are so very pretty?

My EmmaKisstina social media sign moved into my room too. Are you following me on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, hehe ;)

 Oh and what do you think of my current view, a white Winter wonderland. Stunning right?!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

EmmaKisstina 2015 Catalog

Hello Wednesday!

Today I'd like to share the catalog that I've been busy working on all Fall and Winter. It took awhile to put together a layout I was pretty happy about, as well as write texts (the worst part), take photos inspirational photos and product photos... and then put it all together.

So here it is, take a look! I'm pretty excited for all of the new items coming out in the Spring. Hello pillows and acrylic trays!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Formex 2015: A Recap

Hello Monday!

Phew, what a week! For the first time ever I presented my brand EmmaKisstina for the Scandinavian market at the Formex trade show here in Stockholm last week. It was an exciting, nerve wracking and slightly overwhelming experience. But so worth it! It was amazing to finally show off all of the illustrations and products I've been working on for years and to top it all off get really great feedback. EmmaKisstina got tons and tons of smiles as people walked passed (many women's eyes glittered as they walked past or stopped to take a quick photo). I also met lots of amazing fellow creators, press, and even store owners who were interested in learning more about my work. (Holy Moly!)

For the past 6 months I've been hard at work creating new illustrations and producing new products, so it was so fulfilling to finally show off all of these secret projects and see what everyone thinks. I was incredibly humbled by all of the amazing compliments my products got. Many commented that walking into my booth was like walking into a candy store or ice cream shop. Nothing is better than making other people happy! My booth's obvious favorites were my Marie Antoinette silk scarf that hung proudly in the middle and my eyelashes cushion which received quite a few chuckles. 

As for thinking that the hard part was over (planning and designing everything) I've been terribly mistaken as my to do list has now quadrupled in size. I've got plenty of new contacts to thank and keep in touch with, orders to complete, new products to be ordered and the list continues. But I'm so incredibly happy to oblige as I have the most amazing job in the entire world, and that fact that people continue to discover my work and love it none the less makes me one very happy proud girl.

I already can't wait to show off more work and meet even more new people at the next Formex in August!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Holy Moly!
Hello Thursday, and 2015!

I always feel like January is such a random month to start a new year, because it's in the middle of winter and not much is going on besides Christmas just ending. September however is when I usually give my life a new start. When I was younger September marked the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. Now that I'm an adult out of school I still see September the mark of the end of Summer and the beginning of getting back to work. In Sweden summers are short so we try to make the most of them by being on vacation and working less. So when September rolls around and the weather starts to cool down I spend more time inside getting shit done.

This past September I made the goal of showing my work and creating new products for the next Formex trade show. I started work on planning/designing/manufacturing all of my new products in September, and now in January I'm so proud that everything is done. (or will be done next week!)

So this year, 2015, I hope that all my hard work in 2014 will pay off and I'm really excited to see where my business will go in the near future. It's all very exciting!!!

I really hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration and hope you all have an amazing 2015!